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TailTech for pigs is advanced in-pen 3D monitoring system for indoor finishing pigs allowing advanced pen side diagnostics that remotely detects (and predicts) tail biting in groups of pigs 3-7 days before an onset. An early warning of tail biting is essential to prevent the vice becoming established with its consequent impact on pig welfare & health. 

What is tail biting? 

“Tail biting is an abnormal behaviour, characterized by one pig's dental manipulation of another pig's tail. Tail biting can be classified into two groups: the pre-injury stage, before any wound on the tail is present, and the injury stage, where the tail is wounded and bleeding” (Schrøder-Peterse and Simonsen, 2001)

The costs of tail biting? 

Taill biting results in pain and sickness for bitten pigs and severe economic losses for farmers as infection through tail wounds results in abattoir condemnation of meat. This condemnation alone can cost a producer up to 1% of the carcase value and a loss for the processor of 1% of saleable carcase from the pig. There are also unquantified on-farm costs as a result of the increased labour and veterinary treatments resulting from an outbreak. Tail docking of piglets is partly effective at reducing tail biting in later life, but is seen as an undesirable mutilation and its routine use is banned in the EU.” (D'Eath, 2018)

  • Early warning of tail biting

  • Improved meat output

  • Improved animal welfare and health

  • Improved profitability

TailTech provides the following benefits:
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