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Our Story


Innovent Technology was formed to provide innovative technology solutions for progressive livestock producers. 

With an initial focus on the modelling of slaughter data the company developed the award winning qboxanalysis system. The system strives to maximise profitability for producer and processor by targeting the output of quality, in-specification, meat. By retaining a focus on individual animals qboxanalysis provides a unique understanding of the cost of variance on individual farms and within the industry.

The focus on slaughter variance led Innovent to develop a novel video imaging system, Qscan, to monitor and understand the dynamics of growth in pigs and beef cattle.

Innovent is now located in the heart of the Edinburgh University (Easter Bush) veterinary campus in the brand new Larif (large animal research and imaging facility) Building and has a clear focus on being a global leader in livestock imaging and performance analytics.


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The world is facing a major issue with climate change and it is important that all businesses take action to combat this and reduce the impact they have on the planet.


The core of Innovent Technology’s products is a deep understanding of the dynamics of livestock production from birth to abattoir. This gives a unique understanding of production variance and a clear vision of the potential to maximise efficient nutrient use, and an understanding of loss and wasted potential within the entire system. In this way Innovent’s products provide an individualised analysis of opportunities to improve the sustainability of both individual farms as well as over whole production systems.


Innovent works closely with leading livestock producers, meat processors and key retailers to identify improvements which can be made to improve whole sector efficiency, profitability and reduce environmental impact.

About Innovent 

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