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Qboxanalysis for pigs, beef and lamb uses individual data to measure carcas quality and output. It helps the whole supply chain produce a higher output of quality meat (targeting the quality 'q' box) through management feedback loops so that famers can make continuous adjustments and improve their profitability and performance. Farmers ultimately become more market focused and achieve better returns from the abattoir. Qboxanalysis provides clear analysis of waste and lost opportunity within the production system and drives production to be more profitable and have reduced environmental impact. 

  • AI modelling of output and improvement strategies

  • Targeted advice

  • Improvement of producer profitability

  • Improvement in product quality

  • Improved abattoir efficiency

  • Improved data flow through the supply chain

  • Accurate health analysis and reporting

  • Benchmarking of slaughter performance

Qboxanalysis provides the following benefits: 
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